PCB Assembly – HDI and Materials

Imagineering Inc. is a company in the Midwest that caters to all your printed circuit board needs ever since the year 1985. We offer different services such as PCB assembly, as well as HDIs. High Density Interconnectors, otherwise known as HDIs, are special printed circuit boards that utilize “Micro Vias” technology, which essentially is a new method created for the sole purpose of increasing overall efficiency. This is attained through the implementation of small holes and the creation of thinner components with a more compact package. Such methods are in fact, practical in the real world. You can think of it as an eight-layer circuit board shrunk to a four-layer one while retaining its former capabilities. This method gave rise to our modern gadgets that are very powerful and handy in size.

pcbSuch advancements made in those fields allows newer and better ways to improve our current understanding with circuitry and efficiency, especially on the client’s part. It also increases interconnection density up to four times, allowing the board to be fitted with more electrical components. We also give you the option of providing us with the board itself, with us just handling the component assembly. You can preorder a printed circuit board yourself to be made by us with the predesignated materials and dimensions specified. We provide you with a wide selection of high quality materials specifically listed in our website in a rather convenient setup.

The technology, however is very demanding, in such a way that the creation of HDI circuit boards require certain equipment that normally cannot be found in ordinary stores. The process is very delicate, especially since the lines normally soldered are densely packed, making normal laser processes to be unfit for the job. We at Imagineering however are more than qualified for the job, as we have the latest laser equipment needed to construct such a fragile circuit board.

Our services cover laser direct imaging, a process that is extremely effective in accomplishing the challenge. We also handle those requiring special micro vias, such as those hidden in plain sight through the use of a special vias in pad process, apart from the conventional ones that are fairly visible. We also cater to different via filling materials such as those requiring a conductive or non-conductive epoxy filling, electrochemical plating, and even copper or silver via fillings.

We at Imagineering are one of the best place to obtain high quality HDI boards or PCB assembly requirements at the lowest of prices with excellent delivery time, with us catering local and overseas orders. All you will need to do is to go to our pcbnet website and use our turnkey system, allowing you to place your orders using online generated quotes that makes fast transactions and demanding specifications to be made possible. We have state of the art equipment such as high-precision lasers to drill micro vias. We also use a special plate shutting process which gives you more reliability on its usage rather than the common boards filled with ordinary solder or non-conductive inks.

pcb boardSuch feats are some of the many reasons as to entrust us with all your circuitry, PCB assembly, and HDI printed circuit board needs. We also provide clients with special discounts and offers, especially to the first time customers inquiring for our services. We also shrink the required elements for pad size and conductor size surface for those on strict budgets, allowing the same caliber of quality to be available at a much lower price due to a reduce of material costs. The HDI also provides opportunities for better thermal enhancement and the creation of the gateway to miniaturization of PCB design via in pad technology. We also have the required credentials and certifications, in case any form of doubt accumulates in your mind, such certificates are visible in our website.

We also offer different quality class standards in PCB assembly, specifically two ordinary kinds and a special case, namely class one, class two, and class three.

Class one cases are for general electronic products that are required for ordinary use, for prototype testing, or even for design innovations. Class two products are for dedicated service electronics products, such as communicational equipment, sophisticated business operators, and instruments with high performance and an extended life, especially if uninterrupted service is required by the clientele. For the special class cases, class three products are those that are used in certain specific types of sophisticated military, medical, aeronautic, or even nuclear applications for which uninterrupted and high reliability service will be a must.

Basic Golf Equipment

Most people are already familiar with the more important pieces of golf equipment. Even those who do not play the game already have an idea of what golf balls and golf clubs look like and what they are used for.

The golf ball is that tiny round ball full of dimples. The dimples improve performance by affecting the ball’s trajectory, spin, feel, and distance. Aside from the design, the materials used in the golf ball’s production also have an impact on the golf ball’s performance.

The clubs are those long sticks that have a huge mass at the end. These are the pieces of equipment people use in order to strike the golf ball when playing a game. The four kinds of golf clubs are the wood, iron, putter and hybrid. Each type of club has a particular use that addresses a specific need. Putters for example are used on the green in order to make the ball roll into the hole.

Of course, there’s more to the game than these two pieces of golfing equipment. Other pieces of Golf equipment are less popular among most people, but nevertheless perform important functions. Here are some of the lesser known pieces of golfing equipment and their functions.

golf equipment

Club head covers

Club head covers are those pieces of equipment that are similar in shape to a sock. They are often seen covering the club heads of a golf club. These club head covers may strike the unfamiliar with nothing more than some sort of extravagance. Golf players actually use club head covers for certain practical reasons.

The first reason why gold players use club head covers is protection. The golf club is a precision instrument for a game that demands precision. Club head covers are used to protect the golf club’s head from damage when placed in a golf bag. Carrying a golf bag around typically causes the clubs to bang against each other. The lack of a cover usually means that the golf club’s head damage or dent each other. The club head cover is the piece of golf equipment used to prevent any sort of dents or scratches.

The second reason is ease of recognition. Golfers typically carry with them several clubs, up to a maximum of fourteen clubs. The club head covers make it easier for golfers to identify which club is which.

Ball washers

Golf balls, like golf clubs, are precisions pieces of equipment. Ball washers are used to wash the golf ball. Golf balls acquire dirt when they land especially when they fly at a high level and reach a far off distance.

It may not seem much to non-golfers, but a dirty golf ball can have a huge impact on the ball’s performance. In order to avoid having to use a poorly performing golf ball, a golfer is permitted, under certain circumstances, to clean a ball. The reason for this is that golfers are, as a general, not allowed to pick up their ball as they are required to play the ball as it lies.

Ball washers exist in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Some ball washers for example are mounted on golf carts. Most gold courses come standard with a ball cleaners mounted on stands located near the tee box for each hole.

Range finders

golfRange finders are new and high tech pieces of golfing equipment that are employed by golfers to measure their distance from the hole. It makes precise measurements to give golfers a better idea of how well they perform. It also provides them with much needed information and insight to compose a strategy for approaching a particular hole.

The current rules ban the use of range finders in most games. However, the USGA permits certain course clubs to implement their own rules on rangefinders. This particular piece of golf equipment is commonly used by golfers who are either practicing to improve their game or recreational golfers.

This particular piece of golf equipment is commonly used by golfers. Wide variety of equipment with different shapes and sizes are only available on  rockbottomgolf.com.

SOS for an SEO Wiz

So, you‘ve decided to join the 21st century and upload your existing business to the cyber regions. Or maybe, you feel now is the ripe time to start that long-gestating venture online. Regardless, the first question that naturally comes to mind is how you will get people to notice your business. Sure you may probably know a thing or two about creating your own website. Maybe you even know a thing or two about how to link it to your Facebook page or other social media. Hope springs eternal for the ripple effect after that. From there you plead to your closest friends to visit your page and convince them to spread the news to their other friends. But if you have big plans for your online enterprise, chances are this kind of multiplier effect can only take you so far. You want results effectively, efficiently, expansively and expeditiously.

seoIf you’re virtually a newbie in the virtual marketing game, the first three letters should be looking for are S, E, and O. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, in a nutshell, simply involves how to drive traffic to your website to generate attention which potentially generates business. And if those three words seem daunting to you, then the next thing you need to look for is one who can expertly navigate you through that process.

The right SEO Consultant can lead you to online success. You can type “SEO Consultant” in your preferred search engine and easily you’ll be presented with an avalanche of choices. Do not get overwhelmed. You need to be wise about this if you do not want to be taken for a ride. Click here for checking some reliable sites for SEO consultants.

Here are tips to narrow down your search:

Determine your budget. You’re familiar with that adage “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Good consultants don’t come cheap. And if they do, you can bet that they will likely be farming out your job to some other service provider. There are a number of ways to land the services of an SEO expert.

One, you can hire them on a retainer basis. Depending on the size of your business and the extent of the services you would like to avail of, retainer fees usually fall between $750 and 5,000. But there are other ways to get more bang for your buck. For instance, if you want to test the waters first, you may opt for fixed contract services. These vary from SEO copywriting, site profiling, social media site set up et al. You may also go for project-based services or hourly consultancy.

SEO-consEvaluate your options. Once you’ve done the math and believe that you can manage the costs, begin the audition process. Meet with as many as these consultants as possible. Ask for their list of current and former clients. SEO Consultants with stellar reputations will be more than willing to share that information with you. You may then contact these clients and inquire about the nature of the job performed by these consultants and the kind of results yielded by their work. Some of these clients can provide good indicators without bleeding through the details.

Ask outright how they will improve your search engine ranking. They should be able to give you a clear strategy on how exactly they will drive the desired traffic to your site and the length of time it will take to achieve that. Also, no sensible consultant will promise you the moon by guaranteeing that your site will achieve number one ranking on any search engine. A promise like that raises a red flag and it’s time to take your business somewhere else.

Make sure that your choices do things by the book. A reputable SEO consultant will stick to the guidelines specified by a search engine webmaster. They will do nothing to circumvent that such as generating spams or adding bogus text and links that could end up putting your business in peril.

Remember also that a good SEO consultant will let you keep all content they have added, modified, or optimized on your behalf once you part ways. Be clear on your service agreement. Now, that you’ve been properly warned and armed, it’s time to direct traffic to your site and put your business up with the big leaguers.

Long Island Real Estate for Everyone

When the word Long Island comes up, we immediately associate it with the place where the rich and famous people reside – a place where only the elite can afford to live in. Well, not anymore. Long Island real estate is now open for everyone. Yes, you heard it right. A person of any race, gender, social status, and income bracket is welcome to find the perfect home here. But before we move forward, let us learn a few things about Long Island.

Long Island is composed of four major counties, namely: the King County or Brooklyn, the Queen County or Queens, the Nassau County, and the Suffolk County. They are all collectively called, the Long Island under the state of New York. It stands tall and wide with a land area of 1,401 square miles or 3,629 square kilometers. It is the 11th largest island in the United States of America and ranks 148th in the whole world. There are currently more than 7.8 million people living in the island, thereby making it the most populated place in the United States today.

Now, let us ask ourselves why people are flocking to be a part of this majestic place?

real estate propertiesThere must be something good here. There are, in fact, a lot of reasons why people from different parts of the country and the world are coming here. Some of them even decide to finally stay and purchase Long Island real estate properties instead of just renting houses or B&Bs over the summer, which is quite costly to be honest. Buying a house here would be a great investment. It is much better than spending money on renting a property that can never be yours in the future.

People keep on coming back to Long Island because of the various opportunities to grow and develop their individual careers. Even though the cost of living is significantly higher than the other states in the country, people still choose to live here. Furthermore, it also helps that the salary is significantly higher compared elsewhere.

Another reason is that Long Island has become a leading summer destination. The number of people on the island doubles come summertime. It boasts of pristine beaches, historical museums, famous lighthouses, magnificent vineyards, waterparks, fashion outlets, and many more.

real-estateAs you can see, Long Island is not completely a concrete jungle. It also has rural and suburban areas, both of which are great for raising kids in a home with a large front yard and a back yard. The Long Island real estate properties are diverse in their own ways, giving prospective homeowners the option of a simple quiet life in the suburbs or the busy fast-paced life in the city. It also boasts of its culturally diverse population. It’s a place where the people of the world meet and work together to become one self-sufficient and peaceful community.

Long Island real estate developers offer a myriad of services for its clients. It helps you find the best real estate properties at the lowest possible price. It also connects you with trusted brokers and professional realtors to help you find the best properties on the island.

In choosing the right property, let’s say in this case, a home for a newly married couple. Long Island real estate takes into consideration the specific demands of the clients – like the type of house they envision themselves to be in, the strategic location, the interior design of the house, its functionality and of course, the budget. Every little detail is carefully taken into consideration to give clients the best available property in Long Island.

Long Island is a place where countless opportunities await everyone. It’s a place where dreams become reality before your very eyes. It is the place where you should be.

www.li-realestatefinder.com is website, where you get real estate deals and reasonably priced property acquiring and selling alternatives.

The Uses Of Military Challenge Coins

Before custom military coins became popular among collectors, a very long time ago, those were used by the Roman Empire as a reward for their most valiant soldiers who excelled in combat. Such coins were also believed to be used by army personnel as a means to identify themselves.

Uses Of Military Challenge Coins Are As Follows:

One notable example of this particular usage is a story that dates back to World War I, where a rich air force lieutenant ordered a huge number of medallions – the equivalent of custom military coins at that time – and requested that each personnel in his unit were given one. One of the pilots of the unit decided to place the medallion in a small pouch, and wore it around like a charm around his neck. When this pilot flew his aircraft after he received the unit’s medallion, the plane he was flying was shot and severely damaged by Germany’s ground based weapon. This pilot decided to make an emergency landing inside the enemy’s territory and was immediately captured.

As a safe measure, the enemy confiscated everything the soldier was carrying, even his identification cards. The mistake that his abductors made was they brought him to a place being bombarded by the soldier’s allies. He took advantage of this commotion and barely escaped. He reached one of the forward camps of their French allies with great difficulty, but was suspected of being a spy. When it was time for his execution, against all odds, he showed the medallion, tucked on the pouch around his neck. Recognizing the engraved insignia in the medallion he showed to them, his life was spared and instead of being shot in the head, he was offered a bottle of wine, supposedly to make amends.

Military Challenge Coin

Aside from the inspirational story above – which depicts custom military coins as a life-saving item to identify a soldier to his or her comrades – another use of this item is to challenge other comrades-in-arms to know if they are carrying these tokens of unity at all times. The challenge is made by showing the coin and slamming it to a table. Everyone who cannot show his or her coin must buy drinks for the challenger and everyone who has successfully shown their coin in the room. There is a special rule, however, which states that when everybody is able to show a coin to the challenger, then the person who issued the challenge must provide everyone with drinks. So, initiating a challenge is essentially a gamble.

It is also awarded to soldiers with outstanding performance in the line of duty.Visit www.challengecoins4less.com for more details.This is made to increase the soldier’s morale and to act as reminder to everyone about the coin holder’s achievement. In rare cases, civilians can also obtain such special coins, especially those who have played big roles in military missions. If it is to be used this way, it is handed over to the civilian or military personnel who will receive it via handshake. The right hand of the person, which holds the coin that he will pass, shakes hands with right hand of the recipient. Before letting the awardees’ hand go, it is normal for the person who will give the coin to offer a brief explanation why he or she is receiving the coin from that person.

Whatever the reason why custom military coins are used, their purpose, and when they were first used, such tokens are still a beautiful piece of metal that is bound to last for generations, symbolizing a great event for the person who owns one. Simply put, being given that kind of coin is among the greatest honors a person could have.

How to Buy Research Chemicals Online

The internet has been an effective marketplace to buy research chemicals. Different chemicals are used in different fields of science. Fortunately, there are many suppliers who offer various chemicals online. However, you should still be careful in purchasing anything using the internet.

Be specific

There are hundreds of chemicals out there. You will need to be specific in identifying which chemical you want. This can also help prevent accidents. Remember that price does not guarantee quality. It is important to consult people to determine the best chemical for your needs. Make sure that the online store has the chemical you need at a reasonable price.

Research thoroughly

Research ChemicalsThe best bargains can be difficult to find. You need to conduct your own research in order to buy research chemicals that suit your needs. Make sure that the sites where you buy substances from have a good reputation. You can even ask for referrals from your scientific community. This can easily narrow down your list of suppliers. Visiting online forums can also give you an insight on where to buy research chemicals.


Ensure that the online site you are buying from purchases their chemicals from authentic distributors only. This is important to ensure that you are not using any counterfeited products. Some manufacturers offer a list of authorized dealers. This is a great help since you can be sure that the chemicals are genuine.

Search for reviews

If you plan to buy research chemicals online for the first time, it pays to check any reviews about the shop first. Look for proof of shipment. You should also take note about conversations between the seller and other customers. They should be able to address questions in a professional manner. Comments from past customers can give you an idea about the credibility of the supplier.

Get contact information

You should be able to contact an online representative. Take note of the phone numbers and email numbers listed on the site. It is also beneficial to set an actual appointment with the company representatives. A first hand interaction can also help establish a comfortable atmosphere with the company. In the long run, you will be able to appreciate having an online supplier which you have already established a relationship with. You can also send an email and note how long they respond. A company who pays attention to customer’s queries usually have better service.

Check the product information

As a researcher, make sure that the chemicals you buy are the ones you need. Verify product information and seek expert opinion when you are in doubt. Pay attention to every detail. You can also evaluate how knowledgeable the supplier is with the chemicals.  Never purchase any chemical from an online seller with insufficient knowledge.

Notice the packaging

There are different packaging guidelines for different chemicals that should be followed to prevent spoilage and leaks. The chemicals should also be labelled properly.

Secure payment options

This is one of the security features that all online shops should have. Protect your credit information as much as possible. Be wary of online shops that ask for your credit information. One way to check if the site is secure is by looking at their address bar. ‘Https’ is generally more secure than ‘http’. The conditions of sale should also be found on the site. Make sure to read the terms carefully so that you know how to deal with them. This can also help you claim your rights.

The accessibility of online suppliers can make it much easier to buy chemicals. However, remember that it is also your responsibility to evaluate each supplier to ensure that you get the right value for your money.